Welcome to the page for the Biomedical Science Club at Curtin University! We're an academic and social club dedicated to students who are undertaking the Bachelor of Biomedical Science (including Advanced and Honours) but we're also open to students in any Health Sciences disciplines.

Our aim is to build a strong sense of community both with the faculty of health science and the wider Curtin body. We also aim to strengthen the relationships between the biomedical science disciplines, through social opportunities that allow our members to grow and to build networks with professional organisations. By partnering with various organisations, like GAMSAT, and our own research facilities, we are able to broaden our member's horizons and enable them to start paving their own path to success.

We are always open to receiving new committee members who would love to play a hand in planning events and being a part of the General Committee! 

Please don't hesitate to call upon one of our caring staff / committee people / volunteers if you have additional needs or if we can be of assistance in any way! Welcome to the Biomedical Science Club Family!

Our Safe Spaces Agreement